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 Shades of Mort'ton

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PostSubject: Shades of Mort'ton   Wed Aug 11, 2010 6:31 am

To do this activity the following quests are required:
Nature Spirit, Shades of Mort'ton, In Search of Myreque, and In Aid of Myreque. (And it is recomended that you have a combat level of 81 or higher so the Loar Shades all around Mort'ton dont attack you)

The Main types of experience you can gain during this activity are, Combat Xp, Crafting Xp, Firemaking Xp, and Prayer Xp. (Possibly Woodcutting and Herblore Xp also)

There are three main parts in this activity. Making Sacred Oil, Burning Shades, and Collecting the rewards.

To make sacred Oil you must buy Olive Oil either from the store keeper (Recomended that you use serum 208 on him and buying the Flaetaer Hammer) Then go to the Flaetaer temple and either kill the shades for Sancticy or Build on the temple. (It is recomended to do this on world 77 because its the world for this activity) To build on the temple you must have supplies added to your temple building count/ These supplies are bought from the store in Mort'ton and include, Swamp Paste,

(This page is not finished)

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Shades of Mort'ton
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