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 Fletching Guide

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PostSubject: Fletching Guide   Sat Jul 03, 2010 10:38 pm

For those of you who dont know, Fletching is the art of making of bows and arrows. Its commonly maxed to 99 just for peoples first skill cape, or to trim their first. If this doenst sound interesting enought to you, then go do another skill. For those that like it or just want a skillcape, read on.

Ok so your lv 1 Fletching and wondering what to make, well im gonna be telling you my method as it seems quicker. First off, go to G.e, and stay there to 99. Your going to be buying your logs, This isn't telling prices as they change and i never looked, I just bought them.

1-5 Fletching- Arrow Shafts/Headless Arrows. Theyre 5 xp each but dont complain,remember,your low level. For Fletching you need a knfie, so pull out your knife and start mutliating those logs. To make any arrow shafts or bow you need to clic your knife then use it on the piece of wood you wish to fletch. When the iceon comes up with the pictures of what you wish to fletch you may right click it and set the ammount you wish to make. Logs needed- Normal logs. Also with all your arrow shafts made you can buy stripy feathers of the Ge and connect them to the arrow shafts to make headless arrows. These can be made and sold at a profit. You may only buy 5,000 stripy feathers off the Ge every 4 hours.

5-10 Shortbow. Still need normal logs here,but this time,you can make a bow. (5 xp)

10-20 Longbow. Same as making shortbows but is more xp. (10 xp)

20-25 Oak shortbows. Right, ditch those logs and buy oaks, rememebr though, sell what you make (mainly on lowest if you want instant sell most of the time). (16.5 xp)

25-35 Oak longbows. (25 xp)

35-40 Willow Shortbow. Im saying shortbows because they're quick to cut and sell instant 99%of the time, unlike longs. Time to get willow logs now and by now,you should know how to make bows. (33.3 xp)

40-50 Willow Longbows. (41.5 xp)

50-55-Maple Shortbows. Time to buy those maple logs and cut them. (50 xp)

55-65 Maple Longbows. These can be made at a profit. A alternitive way to get to 99 fletch if you want to have a good sum of cash when you reach 99. (58 xp)

65-70 Yew Shortbow. These are good xp, and they sell well. (67.5 xp)

70-99 Yew longbows. This is the method to get 99 if you are not completly rich and do not wish to lose millions getting fletching to 99. (75 xp)

Or if your rich, like 40m rich:

80-85 Magic Shortbows. Downside is magic logs are 1k each, so its much cheaper to do yew bows. (83.3 xp)

85-99 Magic Longbows. The most expensive way to get your fletching to 99 but the fastest. (91.5)

Or for another rich but fast way:
60-99-Adamant arrows. I have not mention arrows yet, but to make them, make or buy arrow shafts, stick normal white feathers on them, and than stick an arrow tips on. So thats right, you will need adamant tips. If you can smith adamant, do so as this is a very expensive way for 99.

So your finally 99, take a trip to Hickton in catherby ranging/fletching store, dont talk to him for cape as he doesnt mention the cape at all. Instead, click trade and at bottom of list you have a new item, thats right, the cape!!! give him bout 99,000 gp (how ironic you need 99k for a 99 skillcape) and you can wear the cape, it comes with a matching hood too. Now while wearing the Skillcape you can performs its emote.

Hope this helped Smile.

P.S get a second 99 and your cape will have a yellow trim.

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PostSubject: Re: Fletching Guide   Tue Aug 03, 2010 5:42 am

Im doing this for my 99
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Fletching Guide
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